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It&#8217;s Friday and I feel happier than a mom at a Target sale &lt;3 

It’s Friday and I feel happier than a mom at a Target sale <3 

Crying because these are my ultimate woman crushes.

Katy Perry: The Rockstar

Kaylie Cuoco: The quirky cutie

Mary Tyler Moore: The Trailblazing Working Woman

Customer Service Probs

I always feel so bad for the people who work in Customer Service. I could never answer the phone knowing on the other end there might be some obnoxious asshole calling to be rude and annoying because the company you work for fucked up. Those people have to have SO MUCH PATIENCE because I would seriously tell of the first attitude-ridden customer who called. 

You want help, yet you’re being rude and throwing shade? No mister, that is not how I roll. *gangsta mode stopped before I embarrass myself*

One Miami Girl's Rants: Late Post on this Hobby Lobby deal

A blogpost dedicated to a regular woman’s understanding of the Hobby Lobby deal. Let me know if I’m wrong or not, its all about being informed and opinionated :)